some things you should know about

+ this chapstick smells like marshmallows and wonderfully moisturizing. I opened it while I was in labor with elsie, and just finished it up a few weeks ago. Someone better tuck another in my christmas stocking, now that j&j isn't handing anymore freebies my way.

+ this curry sauce has been my favorite quick dinner for a few years now. pour it in a pan, toss in some frozen peas and cooked chicken (sometimes I cheat even more and buy a rotisserie chicken at the store too) and serve over rice. It's toddler approved.

+ chick fil a has a mom's valet service. You order at the drive through, then take your brood inside. They'll serve you at the table so you don't have to worry about wrangling children while trying to order/pay. I love chick fil a. They just GET me. (if only they had burgers though)

+ the next time you make spaghetti, melt half a cube of cream cheese into your sauce. Angels will sing, man. Someone brought us sauce like that after I had Luke, and holy carbs was it fantastic. I had Travis hunt down the girl who brought it and demand to know where she bought it. Turns out it was just cream cheese. We've been eating it like that ever since.

+ if you're in the market for some new pj's, these sweatpants from h&m are pretty stellar. I ordered two and I love them. They run pretty true to size (I'm always nervous ordering things online...for reference, I got xs).

+ I posted a photo instagram a few months ago about watching season 4 of downton abbey, and had questions. Thought I'd share here too, in case you were wondering- this facebook page posts links to a google doc that plays each episode of the newest season as it comes out...so you don't have to wait until january. I watched season three this way too.


  1. Is that chapstick really $20 for two?! I sure hope it's awesome!

    Love curry, I'm going to try that sauce. I made curry a couple weeks ago and it was just okay.

    I like Chick-fil-a, but like you I just really wish they had burgers.

    I made a chili with cream cheese and I used half a block instead of a whole thing and it was still the best thing I ever had. So rich!

  2. Those sweatpants will be mine! Sweet. Thanks for sharing these. I love posts like this.


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