pumpkin carving

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we got around to carving our pumpkins from the pumpkin patch the sunday before halloween. This was the first year that Luke sort of enjoyed it- the last two years he cried / screamed when confronted with pumpkin guts. Maybe it helped that this year, I carved him a train in the pumpkin that he lovingly picked out (and he got a kick out of playing with the carved out trains). And lighting the candle inside (fire! trains! pumpkin!) made his night.
 Elsie did one better than her brother did at her age, and didn't cry when faced with the pumpkin guts, although miss priss kept  her hands farrrr away.


  1. rachel, you have the cutest little kids!

  2. So fun! We didn't carve/paint pumpkins until Wednesday! Haha. I love how Luke is obsessed with trains! And Elsie looks so cute sitting amongst the pumpkin guts!

  3. What a fun idea to put the baby on the table! Axel just sat in his high chair and Olivia just watched. And I did nothing. Adam carved all five of our pumpkins, haha, he loves it.


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