november 2014

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you guys, I did it. I exercised. I missed one day in october because I was sick, and five days in november because of THE GREAT FEVER. I don't count weekends. I don't think I have ever exercised more than three days in a row before in my life, so I'm counting this as a great success.

anyway, on to november. This month sort of stunk health wise. Elsie had her eight day fever and then immediately got slammed with this awful cold. Which I caught. Heading into week three of not getting a solid nights rest, so really looking forward to some quality dad-is-home / holiday time.

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  1. Healthy prayers for your family! You have had more than your fair share of illness lately :( Good job working out! I got sick during my 5k training so let's just hope I don't die tomorrow on mile three. :)


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