five fact friday

1. most of our week was consumed by The Fever with the Heat of Hell, so, ya know. Jammies and dark under-eye circles all around, basically.

 photo 4BC15469-EC90-458B-A8F3-9D4143A3C1B9-17901-00001CD4A41088C1_zpsb2271cc3.jpg

2. I helped Luke make the classic hand "torkey" this week. He super enjoyed coloring it, and then proceeded to give it high fives. "High Fite torkey!" He is so awesome.

 photo 0463C626-267D-4A5C-87DA-A8CA022D8934-17901-00001CD50E9A3D68_zps91702383.jpg

3. We had great park weather at the beginning of the week, but woke up on Thursday to snow. I love watching Luke discover that, gasp! It's snowing mama! I need my boops (boots) on, I go ouside? I don't enjoy snow (rip georgia weather), but watching it through his eyes is pretty magical. (also don't ask what happened to his eye, because I don't know. He woke up with a black eye {such a boy})

 photo F0F06112-0CD3-4731-B13D-23DF85B63858-17901-00001CD541B7CA73_zpsb940f6f3.jpg

4.Travis spent the week up in North Dakota on a work trip, so I probably shouldn't complain about this cold weather. We're super glad to have him back, because, I need me a nap. dads are the greatest.

 photo 97F380A8-49E5-454C-B3E6-A551C7411D26-17901-00001CD483A97DE2_zps78250f2e.jpg

5. This week, Luke told me, "I not Nuke. I Nucas." It sort of broke my heart for some reason. Like he was asking me not to call him baby or something. Also, we never call him Lucas, so I'm not really sure where he learned that.


  1. I can't believe I haven't done a hand turkey with Olivia yet!

  2. hope everyone is feeling better now..


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