five fact friday

1. Lately, when Luke and I have been walking somewhere together (up the stairs, to the park) he offers me his hand and says, "here, hold it my hand, mama". I think he likes me.

 photo 60E4459C-885E-41FF-955E-471DF5F74B49-13809-000014F2ACB36876_zps069243af.jpg

2. E came down with a fever this week. I made a late night call to her pediatrician because her fever reached 105* and I was a little worried her brain might fry. Turns out that doesn't happen until a fever reaches 107*. So now you know.

 photo a07e8f2a-b027-4f32-939b-66f302291618_zps597088d1.jpg

3. We had a beautiful 70* day this week. We spent a long morning at the park and it was great. I almost felt like I hadn't left the south, except my skin was dry.

 photo 70B4DB77-92BF-44D5-8B53-E0ED1DAD31AB-13809-000014F34E5397C7_zps34180c40.jpg

4. Elsie has one reallllly long hair that starts at the crown of her head and flops down into her eyes. It's really cute. 

 photo 73A5B989-40EF-4179-919D-75253F86BA27-13809-000014F319820010_zps321d0b97.jpg

5.  I've started watching reign and I'm really enjoying it. I did a report in the sixth grade on mary, queen of scots, and I drew a great depiction of her beheading. But that's not why I like the show.

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  1. Axel had a fever this week too. But no where near that hot!! Did they say to do anything to help lower it? Poor poor baby.


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