five fact friday

1. My brother came home this week!!! He has been gone for two whole years, serving a mission for our church. We haven't seen him the whole time and had just four phone calls and weekly emails. So it was GREAT to facetime with him, and I can't wait to see him again.

 photo jakeaaron_zps4c7fd457.jpg

2. Luke likes to wear this knight's helmet from the dress up bin. I asked him if he was my knight in shining armor. He ran to sit by his sister and said "No, I elsie's knight! Elsie a pwincess".
As one of my goals as his mother is to teach him to properly respect women and girls, I felt like I'd just gotten a trophy. I love that he is always trying to protect her "you okay, elsie gorl? You kay? you sad? Here, hold it my hand".) One day he won't be rushing to her side because she's fallen backwards, but maybe because she skinned her knee, or a kid at school teased her, or maybe some boy broke her heart. Siblings, man. They're the best.

 photo B662A85D-0272-4247-8BB6-BD6117C41EE7-8149-00000C7DDDDB4D38_zpse5b14849.jpg

3. I ordered l&e matching christmas pj's (boy/girl versions), and I'm absurdly excited to see their matching little red-and-white striped bums on christmas morning. (p.s. oshkosh)

 photo 9EF385FF-CE08-466D-935F-1157E05C81A7-5629-0000084981D5ACFF_zpsd20c6b80.jpg

4. Elsie bought Luke the lion king as a gift when she was born, and lately he is SO into watching it. Over and over and over on the ipad. He found his dad's old lion king toys and has been play acting with them. And he quotes the movie. This part is his favorite- he puts his arms up like the hyenas and whispers "mufasa!" and waits for us to shiver. It is hilarious.

 photo DCAA64F3-4FC7-4C68-A9A8-42BB0B184EB5-8149-00000C7E4AC2A5B8_zpsfe7cbbb9.jpg

5. And just a general public service announcement: target has a sea salt caramel hot chocolate AND a coconut macaroon hot chocolate that are amazing- archer farms. pass the whipped cream please. 


  1. I'm totally copying you for the Christmas pajamas! I was having the hardest time finding matching ones because my kids are so far apart in age. I love the Oshkosh ones! Did you go with the one piece for Elsie, or are you doing the two piece? I usually put Erik in one piece pajamas but to have my kids matching exactly might melt my heart.

  2. I LOVE Christmas jammies! I can't wait to see theirs! :] And holy heck Luke is so sweet to his Elsie gorl! I can't get over how cute he is with her! He just has an all around amazing personality!

  3. I waited until last Saturday to order and they sold out of Hailey's size, boooooo.


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