a manly gift guide

men are hard to shop for.
or is it just mine?

it doesn't help when I ask, "what do you want for christmas?"
and he responds, "I just want a house"

I mean, I want a house too buddy, but that's not really a surprise.
or something you can wrap.

in case you're stumped too,  here's what I came up with.

 photo giftguide1_zpsaf5c548f.jpg

shirt / wool socks / belt (purchased from costco, similar here) / cocoa  / dollar shave club

I also purchased him hand warmers in anticipation of his business trip to North Dakota in January, but he ended up going in November, so he got that one early. plus he also purchased himself a nice button up.
early presents all around.


  1. Dollar Shave Club! Never heard of it, but it's definitely going into Patrick's stocking now. Thanks for the idea, I was looking for something else.

  2. I say things like "Let's not do presents this year and just get stuff for our house" and Adam says "But I have to give you SOMETHING on Christmas." Which means I have to find something for him too. . . The belt might be a good gift for him!

  3. I've really liked your monthly goals. I'm totally going to do that next year.


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