pumpkin patch

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we went pumpkin picking last weekend. we loaded up four cars of frakes and headed out for some fall fun. we had perfect weather- warm and sunny, but cool enough for long sleeves (but too warm for my boots! we were expecting it to be in the 40s). 
we found a great place that had TONS of free carnival rides for the kids. The kids could sit on a texas long horn and pet them (luke wouldn't) and take a little pony ride. I thought Luke would love the pony, butttt he hated it. He clung to my waist almost the entire time, and at the very end just let me hold his hands. He was so ready to get off. What he did love was all the rides. He had a total blast riding them with his cousins. he super enjoyed picking out his very own pun-kin too. 

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  1. Om gosh, the cuteness!!! Isn't it funny how sometimes we think our toddlers will love something and they end up hating it? I can't wait to do our pumpkin patch outing now that we're done babysitting!!


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