october 2013

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exercising is kind of the big one here. after nine months of a no-exercise allowed pregnancy + 6 months postpartum waiting for my cracked pelvis to heal, I'm cleared for moderate exercise. But let's be honest, I'm practically allergic to sweat, so it's not like I really minded or anything. But I've gained a new appreciation for my body after birthing my children, and I oughta give it some respect. I mean, it grew two babies, for crying out loud. And that's kiiiiind of amazing. And although it seems like I'm stuck for some residual pain (a cracked pelvis is no joke), I'm doing it. holla. gold stars all around.


  1. Between the stress, the junk food and the breastfeeding I gained five pounds last week babysitting. So I'm going to join you on the exercise thing too! And we're planning to go to a pumpkin patch today. We were going to go on Wednesday but that's the day the kids get the flu shot. And a library card! I have been wanting to take Olivia to the library for a long time and I think I'm finally feeling brave enough.

    PS I love your hair. I kind of regret cutting mine.

  2. Awesome! Start running so you can come run the Utah Valley Half with me!


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