five fact friday

1. little e is getting pretty good at sitting up! we're pretty proud of her. it's funny how different babies are. Luke was climbing up over his baby gate to scale the stairs at this age. But each of them are perfect and are doing things when they're ready. so, go els!

 photo 661C006A-1BDF-4786-BEAF-E9AB37FEC860-294-00000021BBC0E6B6_zps80d0d617.jpg

2. Luke's been pretending a lot this week. We went to the park one afternoon, and he was pretending he was fireman sam and was sliding down the firepole, looking for his fellow fighter elvis. "Elvis?! Where arrrrre youuu? Dere's a fiah Elvis!"
He also pretended to see a ghost in the house during dinner one night. "mama! Dere's a ghost! ooooh, scawey! I so scared!" He even knocked his knees together in pretend fright. I love watching him use his imagination.

 photo 454D49EF-2F23-4826-ADF5-3497BAAEFEBB-294-00000021F1811843_zpsb522e886.jpg

3. I got stung by a wasp this week, so that was awesome. saved my baby from it though, so, that was nice.

 photo 259163ED-0444-426F-A677-08263EDA809E-294-000000221CE9F8D3_zps81d9322d.jpg

4. Each morning, between 6:30-7, Luke crawls into the spot vacated by his father and cuddles me in bed. He snuggles close (so close!) and falls back asleep for another half hour. He always tickles my arm and tucks the blankets around me tight, which is impossibly adorable. I got a full ten minute arm tickle twice this week. Someone's raising this boy right.

 photo F558D442-74DC-4CBB-BC48-C11DEA613E92-294-00000021FE5C1B99_zpse525fdec.jpg

5. We're officially "real" parents now. Luke got altitude sickness on the drive to moab and puked all over, poor guy (he was so confused and it was the saddest thing! He kept trying to shove his blanket in his mouth to stop himself from throwing up). Is there a badge or something that comes with cleaning that up? I'd like one, please.

and bonus! Travis' sister had a baby this morning. It was a surprise, but we were all expecting a boy...it's a girl! I'm super glad because now els will have a pal. She's surrounded by boys (next baby to be born is a boy too). Hurrah for babies!


  1. Pretending at this age must be a developmental milestone because Olivia's been doing it a lot lately too.
    Good job saving your baby from a wasp! I'm so sorry. :(
    Last summer on a drive to the beach Olivia threw up so hard even her dinner from the night before came up. My brother was in the car and he's an EMT so he cleaned it up for me like it was no big deal. And then she did it on the way home too. So gross, but I feel worse for the babies.

  2. That was so sad to read about Luke throwing up :( But Elsie and Luke are the CUTEST. I love them.

  3. Your kiddos are so cute! That is the most adorable thing ever about Luke crawling in bed to cuddle...so so sweet!

  4. Oh my gosh. I need to teach Holland to tickle me! Haha. That is adorable! Your kids are the cutest!


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