five fact friday

1. I love fall. insert obligitory l.m. montgomery quote here: "I'm so glad I live in a world where there are octobers". we're in moab this weekend enjoying the last of the outdoor weather.

 photo 8BDF1B31-9359-4D59-BD93-BFDEC21B33BB-8501-000011049DBF94C1_zps0c5fef09.jpg

2. Luke's been having nightmares lately- he wakes up crying that a "fiah truck run-a (over) me!". poor baby. It takes a good half hour to calm him down since he's not really awake...only to repeat the cycle an hour or so later.

 photo E1B8843A-0FB6-4CD0-BB9C-E84C41912584-8501-000011045B898694_zps63857638.jpg

3. it was chilly enough one morning that we had to bundle up a bit. my grandmother handknit three sweater/hat/sock/mitten sets for me four years ago. they're beautifully old fashioned and I love them. they sat in storage for two years before I had a baby boy to put in them, and another two year later, I got to put my daughter in a pink one.

 photo 09684816-097F-4A3E-B3A7-0B16F73156BD-8501-00001104351BB7DA_zps0dba7a7f.jpg photo 9A4692B4-EB0E-4098-831D-1791F7189556-8501-0000110468AE3FDA_zps4685af61.jpg

4. pretttty sure somebody is teething over here. just a hunch.

 photo 89649218-28C6-404B-B227-0B32C49414EA-5386-00000C92D310E402_zps83c1e837.jpg photo 729D97E3-E45E-472C-BD7A-BC5813308351-5386-00000C92EFC93E94_zps46060d56.jpg

5. Luke got his first real haircut from my favorite hairstylist, his aunt paige. seriuosly so glad we live with her; I just can't trust anyone with his beautiful hair. and it needed more shaping than Travis and I knew how to do!
 he looks so grown up now. 


  1. I've been hearing that quote a lot lately!! and I love it.
    Your blog is super cute

  2. That little sweater/hat combo is absolutely adorable! It makes me want to learn how to knit! Also, Luke's nightmares are just about the saddest thing I've ever heard and yet still so cute! Haha. Poor boy!


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