photo 460ED70B-5C28-4164-B40A-B38A0A8CEE9C-8501-000011032D57BCF0_zps4cc9512b.jpg
 photo 686B0E09-3DF4-4DF6-97E4-1F148AEA0613-8501-0000110359136300_zps9b6f8a68.jpg
 photo E16C4F8B-CB95-48C0-8E7C-9823D2FD0F94-8501-00001103649B5EFD_zps3a7b979a.jpg
 photo 55C03D1C-8564-4EED-959A-0489BD119658-8501-0000110373C873BD_zpsb33e3150.jpg
 photo F86F4E73-CE07-48A0-925F-22F4F029B3EE-8501-000011041CE60572_zpsc08bbbf3.jpg
 photo 5E957EE0-19F0-41C0-A00D-E02CADF55DFD-8501-00001103BC55B256_zps7a00e247.jpg
 photo 1AB0CD99-A29D-42CF-8C34-32A108B57583-8501-000011037F3FEE37_zps0e8c3087.jpg photo A86E93DA-08AB-4DFD-804E-7D28FF65E58F-8501-000011038C21AD96_zpsb178e75c.jpg

we took a little family trip downtown to check out travis' new fancy office. he's got a great view. we took the light rail down there and luke was over the moon to ride a train. when e fussed on the train, he asked her, "you scared elsie? you scared? it's okay, it's a train. it's nice!" I loved walking around with my little family; Luke grabbed my hand and said, "Run fast mama? yet's go! fast!" and we ran way ahead of slow poke daddy and elsie. i love that little boy.

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