bathtime: a series

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i snapped this first sink bath photo the first week we moved into our georgia home. Elsie was seven weeks old. six weeks later, I snapped another, and another six weeks later, a third. Three weeks after that (the week we moved out), I took a fourth and final sink bath photo. I love this progression of photos, as you can clearly see how she's grown. I'm sad there won't be more photos, but let's be honest, she was outgrowing the sink anyway. It's time she's graduated to the big tub.

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  1. These pictures are awesome! I really wanted to do Holland's monthly photos in something fun but since I knew we would be moving ALL the time the only thing that I knew we would always have was a laundry basket. And I didn't even make it through the first year. Haha. Oh well! You guys are always moving too but I love that you did these pictures in the sink. I guess a few pictures in some place in each house would work too! :] I might have to do something like that with our next baby! I love seeing babies grow! I can't believe how grown up Elsie is getting to be!


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