yes, it's true

we're leaving georgia.

 photo AE1BACC7-AEDA-44C4-AAE4-657027A03503-571-000000436B9F2BF9_zpseb3c8214.jpg

travis has been looking elsewhere for a job for a few months- for many reasons. we were hoping to find something here in atlanta, but nothing we were offered fit. without sharing too many personal details, we have accepted a silver platter of a job in Denver. It's perfect in every way and we're pretty excited about it. We ship out next week. And this is the last big move, dang it.


  1. Holy moly! Such big news, but exciting. It will be so good to have a job that works well for your family.

  2. Sorry you have to move again! I'm stressing about it and I only have to move 20 minutes. I'm excited for you to be closer to me. Still far, but close enough that we have to make it work sometime!


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