photography by luke

 photo 917A7A4A-446E-4AD5-A8C5-56AD176AA7FC-1513-00000251EC1EDEF5_zps81fc3673.jpg
 photo 39472c86-5821-403b-873c-fb08dc552b8f_zps154d8e70.jpg

lately Luke has taken to swiping my phone when I'm busy with elsie or cleaning up the kitchen. He wanders around photographing things that are important to him (usually his face {just his bangs, he's not that great at whole face shots} or his trains). Sometimes he takes videos of himself counting or flying airplanes over the screen (with sound effects!) or walking around the kitchen. I love going through them at the end of the day. Except once, he caught me on video as I was hopping out of the shower, so DELETE BUTTON on that. ha.

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