gold rush

 photo A42A00C4-F2EA-42B1-8149-9829E358A0A4-16580-00001AB4BE455BB2_zpsf9e31093.jpg
 photo C76DD8EA-4140-4CA0-BC2D-6D5E433F3327-16580-00001AB4FECCE7BE_zps6302eb1a.jpg
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 photo A7E38A73-90C9-48C7-91A2-83234522DD3C-16580-00001AB4EA364CB7_zpsf2119739.jpg
 photo A70269C1-A45F-4470-BF7D-9D0DD99ECA0B-16580-00001AB4DC81C98F_zps29290b69.jpg
 photo C6A422A2-958E-45C4-9E87-43D9B3605BE0-16580-00001AB4D418431A_zpsb338e132.jpg
 photo AC074C43-F879-4377-9702-6A0BF52C5B0C-16580-00001AB4CD35C4F2_zpsce0d5af8.jpg photo 5760A455-4576-4C06-A2B1-683917C6E577-16580-00001AB4B77C2A87_zps3ea3409d.jpg
 photo 899C0BA2-7644-46F9-A2BF-9D9629D8BC50-16580-00001AB48ACD8CD5_zps5ebd9eaf.jpg
 photo 8F5F0B96-2E5B-4432-B681-9A45F6FD07B2-16580-00001AB4B0204714_zpsde295382.jpg

we used labor day to have a little family adventure. we headed over to Dahlonega, an old Georgia mining town. we stumbled across some sun dried georgia possum (seriously?) and 'coon skin hats. the town had a fun scarecrow contest (and we found a "bobot", luke's latest obsession). we let Luke pan for some gem stones, which he looooved. he was so careful; he didn't spill a single grain of sand. his concentrating face was hilarious. we topped off the evening at home, with the last s'mores of the summer. 

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