five fact friday

1. We left Luke in Denver with his grandparents for the week, and I MISS MY BOY. It's super quiet around here and it's weird not getting cups of milk and making sandwiches all day. I forgot how easy one immobile baby is. But Luke is having WAY more fun with his cousins than he would be here, and has finally adjusted to the time change I think.

 photo D24C1678-E429-49C7-948D-6C69B9C25DC6-721-00000056D29D07AB_zpsaf9e0fa5.jpg

2. The kids did great on the flight out to Denver. This is what they did, respectively:

 photo 2019ABD0-5A7B-4E05-BF8D-71DB83956362-721-00000056117A9DF5_zpsdbbb6ac1.jpg photo 74288A25-C1D2-4018-A0E3-0ED9FD813CE5-721-000000563E173808_zpsff50d265.jpg

3. of course on the way BACK, however, Elsie screamed for the first 20 minutes. She was super sick, and although the doctor cleared her to fly, I think it put a lot of pressure on her ears. She refused to nurse, so Trav and I were just taking turns swaddling and bouncing and trying to soothe her. And EVERYONE AND THEIR MOM kept tapping Travis on the shoulder and offering advice like we were newbie parents or something (I mean, we didn't have Luke, so I guess she looked like our only). "She just needs to suck. Her ears probably hurt her. You just need to get her sucking".
 Thanks, we know. No dice though.
And one really nice man kept trying to hand us his daughter's light up laptop to play with, which, really nice dude, but the last thing that would interest my 5 month old baby is a computer. Finally she fell asleep and stayed that way for the whole flight.

 photo 51d2ef4b-c5bc-40cf-b005-cd897ac83438_zps6f50d017.jpg

4. But there isn't anything more attractive than watching your husband rock your baby girl to sleep and seeing her slowly relax in his arms. Heart eyes for dayyyys.

 photo 87957DE8-9286-47F0-8A36-3ECED15E54BE-721-000000573A26D5BE_zps42758e60.jpg photo E5F50E14-9227-42EC-9CC7-B2B40BB5BCFC-721-0000005732166EEB_zpsf9c81788.jpg
5. We got to go to the temple last week as we were making our decision to move. It's been a long time for us, and it was the highlight of my week, I think. I super needed the peace, as I've been an anxiety mess for the past few weeks. Plus we went out to cafe rio after, something I've also missed! And no kids! Thanks to mimi and papa!!

***also one more bonus story:
we got into atlanta around midnight, and we parked at a hotel (free shuttle from the airport and wayyy cheaper than airport parking...seriously, look into it next time). Anyway, as we were walking through the lobby, we saw a man wearing a lobster hat walk into a wall. He was obviously very drunk and when he saw us, he slurred (picture nick miller), "bring the baby to the bar! Bring the BABY to the BAR!". And then he stumbled his way back into the hotel bar. Travis and I had a fit of the giggles; it was hilarious, the end. 

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  1. My mom was going to take Olivia to CA while I packed to move. I think it would have been a good break for us, but I know I would end up crying a lot because I missed her! In the end, my mom couldn't come up twice like she wanted so she's just going to keep Olivia at my aunt's house with her. We'll see if it helps!

    Poor Baby E crying on the plane :( 20 minutes doesn't sound bad, but I bet they seemed like 20 years in the moment! Husbands are the best for making babies sleep, probably because they don't smell like breast milk.


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