five fact friday

1. We applied to several apartment complexes in New Jersey (back when we thought we'd be moving there) TWO YEARS AGO. We're just now getting acceptance letters in the mail. Ha.

 photo 4ad3f614-5027-41c7-bdda-08da5e92ddb4_zpsa6b6dd87.jpg

2. I was cleaning up the kitchen one night this week when Elsie woke up from her nap. I listened over the monitor as Luke crawled into her crib and started singing "twinkle twinkle" to her. I died on the spot. That moment was amazing. I want to remember these things in a few years when we get to the "she's looking at me!" stage. But seriously. BEST EVER. "Yisten gorl-heart, I sing-a- you."

 photo D9D6A4E7-B445-402E-861E-AB49FB046DAF-5475-000007765B5B6846_zps8a14f6b7.jpg

3. There is no sign of fall here in the south yet.
 I think I'm okay with that, but it won't stop me from drinking ALL the apple cider.

 photo 6DF63071-494E-4CC0-94FB-808E0A0EAD45-5475-00000776740E0C99_zpscdd416f8.jpg

4. Also I got Luke on video singing twinkle star and you are my sunshine and it's THE CUTEST. I love listening to his little baby voice. Except to get him to sing, I had to sing along, so I have to listen to that too.
Aren't you so glad we have the technology to preserve all these moments? 
The pictures and the videos are so precious to me.

 photo D62B80FB-0AAC-493C-BEA2-4C72EBA6F72E-6268-000007FD7CDC89F3_zps945a3cc5.jpg

5. Luke is REALLY excited to see his cousins in Denver. All week he has been jumping on my bed yelling, "Chase! Harper! I toming! I toming to pway and have yunch! I toming!"
It's the cutest. 


  1. So cute!! Luke and Olivia are seriously so similar. To keep Axel from crying at the store on Monday, Olivia sang him Twinkle Twinkle. It's her favorite song. And he stopped! And now she sings it any time he cries.

    And I wish Olivia would wait to climb in Axel's crib until he was AWAKE. Seriously if I don't keep an eye on her, she'll be in his room in a matter of seconds. Throwing toys at him because he NEEDS them. It's the only time she's good at sharing.

    Have fun in Denver!! Good luck to your hubby!

  2. I never buy apple cider (too cheap) but when we go to my in-laws at Christmas, I drink about forty gallons in a week.

  3. Just make sure to have lots and lots of back ups! I have so many people think I'm crazy. I have way too many friends that only have the copies of wedding pictures that they posted to facebook and that lost all their portfolio work for their graphic design final because of improper backups. We use carbonite, my dad loves crashplan and I have an external hard dive I keep in a fire safe along with dvds I send off to others off site. But you're smart like that so probably no worries!


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