five fact friday

1. My kids had a double doctor appointment this week. I felt like a real mom, taking two kids in at once.
 Whatever that means.

 photo 1D19E9CB-4C3C-4E13-8E42-B1F7EEEBDB77-16580-00001AB50C3C0F0B_zps51a7fa3c.jpg

2. Els had a sad fever for a few days and needed allll the cuddles. Luke was extra sweet to her. As we were leaving the doctor's office, he rocked her carseat and told her she was so brave. Cue my heart puddling on the floor.

 photo 4BDE5B06-33B0-4358-B535-068E5FE435E6-1513-00000251A91900A0_zps93a1e298.jpg

3. We built a fort this week and had lunch & a movie. The kid must be growing because he ate FOUR peanut butter sandwiches. FOUR.

 photo AFFDCEC7-A455-4443-9D96-DA96A96F7E49-1513-00000251BDC033D5_zps867ac4c5.jpg

4. Luke poured his little heart and soul into making Elsie laugh this week. I've never heard her laugh so hard before, and it was so nice to hear in the midst of her fever. If you need some cheering up, you can watch it here

 photo FD2ABF73-392B-4185-BB54-883BE34144E0-1513-000002516A7033E7_zps4ddbb749.jpg

5. Georgia feels like home, and it's really nice. 

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  1. I've been reading your blog all along, but haven't had free hands to comment. Watch out, here they come.

    So cute, those two. Luke is such a good brother! He reminds me so much of Olivia and her over protectiveness. If I don't watch out, she'll run into his room and wake him from a nap because she misses him. Sweet but frustrating :)


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