fishing with papa

 photo 408D649E-6D86-4B91-877E-65D176A656F5-571-00000044EEA3AB1E_zpsf3a69605.jpg

while we were in Denver, Luke's Papa took him fishing. I hear he loved it (I stayed home with sick Elsie). They caught a few fish pretty quickly; I wish I could have seen Luke reeling them in! These photo's were swiped from Travis' iphone.

 photo 081A612B-6CD8-427D-B3C3-8D2223B63715-571-00000044A1765CE4_zps119d7926.jpg photo 2237BB11-C37E-4447-ADCE-0BF33342FD4E-571-00000044E7A24403_zps92ddee50.jpg
 photo 4C2A61A0-7442-4E32-AEB4-4B590530D4A0-571-000000450C97F118_zps6a50c997.jpg photo BD37BE41-8DA9-4BF0-A087-7CC0F28F9981-571-00000044A760241D_zpse27665f3.jpg
 photo 32B17EAC-D6BD-45C3-A53A-F496CC611FFE-571-00000044B53FB122_zps3893b316.jpg photo 60E13A98-AC5B-4BD6-A23C-5D56E421C0A3-571-00000044AF054862_zpsfe59c140.jpg

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