day out with thomas

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on saturday, we took Luke to see Thomas the train. He's quite the favorite around here (along with Percy, Gordon, James, Hiro, and Sir Toppam Hatt), and we were SO excited to take Luke. We missed Thomas in Indiana AND Georgia this year. He loved it, obviously. One of the best things about being a parent is being able to share these moments with your kids and see their excitement. All day he kept exclaiming all about Thomas, and the moment when he finally spotted the thomas train coming around the bend? priceless. Plus, he got to meet Sir Toppam Hatt (I thought he would freak out à la santa from last year) and he thought that was the coolest. He kept sticking out his hand to touch Sir Toppam Hatt in amazement.

 also, this trip made me realize that I know wayyy too much about Thomas the train and all the characters.

 photo C4B59117-64BD-470A-99F0-83EAF3A675AA-571-000000467A7CEF38_zps995ac492.jpg
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 photo 0FCFD8F5-7F63-41AA-95A9-40AEC2BF9217-571-000000460959C1AD_zps45f9ac26.jpg photo BC4E2A33-0A3B-40C5-9F0A-13C4E3E16523-571-00000044FFAB5BC6_zps48772792.jpg
 photo 26134269-D5F4-4FBB-9E8C-06F48C9E3F08-571-00000045141FFF89_zpse70084a3.jpg photo 5929D427-B64F-4BDE-821B-3DC07B5A6065-571-00000044BDB26E57_zpsb45cc235.jpg

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