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luke is quite the seasoned flyer by now, and I think we've got traveling down pat. Since we're flying out to Denver this weekend, I thought I'd share some of the things that save our behinds on these cross country flights (but they also work for road trips, doctor's offices, church...).

backpack / headphones / marble toy / car mat / snack cup / silly putty / crayons /
not pictured but also included: coloring book, lots of hot wheels, ipad, board books, toddler camelbak water bottle, and magna doodle

the magna doodle and the silly putty are Luke's latest favorite things. He likes me to make the silly putty into a mouse or an owl, and then he plays with the little creature. And that car mat? Hands down THE BEST thing I've ever made. He looooves it. I always try to add something new to his backpack when we go on trips- a new book or a new hot wheels car, or some "rare" toy like markers instead of crayons.

if you've never flown with your baby before:
 -you're allowed to bring baby food and juice/breastmilk/milk/water for your child. Sometimes they don't bat an eye, but sometimes they hold a ph test strip over the liquid to make sure it's not like, explosives or something. The baby food they pass through a machine, but they don't open it.
 -you don't have to take their shoes off, but you do have to fold up your stroller and run it through the x-ray machine. We always check our carseats with our baggage (they've always provided a nice plastic bag to put them in so they clean) and then gate check our stroller.
 -If you've got a small one, like our elsie, I highly recommend a wrap. I've never had to take it off when I go through security; they just make me run my hands over the fabric and then they swab my hands and test it. That's super nice because then she can stay asleep.
 -The airplane bathrooms DO have a fold out changing table, but it's suuuuuper cramped, so try and time changes before or after the flight.
 -Ask to change seats. They often offer to move our seats (so we have an empty one next to us), but if they don't, I ask. Airline employees are also super accommodating. I've even had other passengers offer to switch me (if they had an open seat next to them), just to be nice.
 -Accept help! I've flown by myself with Luke before (and while terribly morning sick), and sometimes you just need an extra hand while you collapse your stroller and corral your child. People always offer, and I'm always grateful to accept the help.
 -if you have a newish walker, don't be above walking up and down and up and down the aisle with them. It entertains the other passengers and gets your baby's wiggles out. Even if it feels awkward after awhile.
 -And of course, there's the standard "let them suck on something during take off/landing". Luke used his binky, Elsie nurses. Luke doesn't use anything now and he seems fine, but I keep a lollipop handy just in case.


  1. Adam took Olivia on a flight when Axel was a newborn, but I've never done it. But I like to be prepared and this is great advice!

  2. These are great. Can I add, in case anyone doesn't know? Car seats are always a FREE checked item! So great. Same with gate checked strollers!

    1. Yes! And sometimes a pack and play is free too, depending on the airline!


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