peanut butter thief

 photo 065624CB-D05C-4BDF-8FC8-6B2A9A22B7C1-38488-00003C3AF1363287_zps04c90e35.jpg
 photo 93FDF82D-421E-4949-B06D-4903E055EE42-38488-00003C3ADB13A760_zps88780aa2.jpg
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 photo DC1428A8-C4D4-4EA7-A8D0-0C2E68089232-38488-00003C3AE355F71E_zps3e980740.jpg

sometimes Luke likes to sneak spoons full of peanut butter.
sneaky boy

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  1. So cute! He might be mischievous but at least he look pretty clean about it. :)


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