five fact friday

1. Travis found a frog while he was mowing the lawn on Saturday. He wanted to keep it. I didn't. We compromised by letting Luke play with it in the bathtub for a while. The boy's lucky his dad is more fun than I am. (I totally used to catch bullfrogs by the dozen when I was little. I must be old because I have no desire to touch them anymore. ew).

 photo BB7042F4-D731-4494-89EB-00FE13F456B0-15916-000018989B42D229_zps5721fab8.jpg

2. I was sick this week. I basically lived in bed. One morning, I handed Luke a bowl of dry cereal, a sippy of milk and the ipad, and left him in his room for an hour. I'm expecting my mother of the year award any day now.

 photo AA79F8D2-A077-4A65-9002-E5B6EE813BE1-19151-00001D8EA3A84342_zps0844610c.jpg

3. Luke fell asleep in the living room, after refusing to nap in his bed (he did take a 20 minute nap on his dresser before this chair nap happened)

 photo AD83A1D6-735D-411F-8F08-76A46A49DF62-15916-00001898D2D4DBE4_zps966eab8b.jpg photo 785DF44D-0D53-409D-9775-D5E817E18110-15916-00001898E550D909_zps5795d0aa.jpg

4. Luke found a new hiding place for  his special trains:

 photo B0408ADF-87CE-4C38-A509-EC8171A09ACA-15916-00001898EB71206A_zps96f547af.jpg

5. Elsie took a 7 hour nap on Monday afternoon. And still slept her full 12.5 hours at night.
she's amazing

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  1. 7 hours! That is so awesome! But how do you not freak out and wake her after three? That's always when I start to freak out.


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