five fact friday

1. the splash pads are deliciously empty now that school has started.
(except our favorite one closed {the rest are year round}, which is a bummer because, fences)

 photo 7DD3FE33-D419-46C9-AC49-BB957C6EA81D-11616-000011A387666201_zps0b5fc84d.jpg

2. the other night, I looked down to see this- my little girl snuggling her lamb and sucking her thumb.
you can find my heart in a puddle on the floor, if you're looking for it.
She's doing it all the time now.

 photo D6139ED3-CB57-4F2E-923E-6410EB50D357-14540-0000176334BF7963_zps4807f56d.jpg

3. Elsie finally fits into her little ballet shoes, so that's freaking adorable.

 photo 20F405E4-DEDE-4EB2-94AA-9430D9D5040E-10737-00001083AE2016C1_zps54461a77.jpg

4. Luke colored on elsie's head with a sharpie. I hopped out of the shower and he proudly declared "mama! I colored on a gorl!". I wasn't sure what he meant so I said "good job bud!"
(actually, what I thought was that he had colored in front of her. He's been doing that lately, because he says she likes to watch him)

 photo 942421C2-A30D-454D-8512-08D9C13F9155-14540-000017638AA0960C_zps5128ecba.jpg

5. One day this week, I could hear Luke playing in his room during naptime. I told him to get in bed and I heard him say, "Oh hi, daddy. Uh huh. What? Oh, I not nap? Okay daddy. Mama I not haf a nap. Daddy say it."  


  1. LUKE IS THE BEST. hahahaha. I love reading about what he's doing or saying. Hilarious.

  2. Oh goodness, number five is hilarious! Kids are too smart for their own good sometimes ;)

  3. The ballerina shoes are too cute. I'm dying.

  4. Is Luke pretty good about coloring where he should? If I don't watch like a hawk, Olivia will color her body, her clothes, her brother, the chair, the wall. . . I feel like she's WAY crazier than most two year olds.


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