five fact friday

1. Things that were on my deck this week:

 photo 12906313-AC1A-46F9-B8FE-836B3796B44D-7572-00000BE666A5D976_zps6adc657e.jpg photo 78F034E5-2880-45CB-9008-7041167D4F75-7572-00000BE5A43DFAA3_zps64450283.jpg
(that rat was huge, and I think it was dying)

2. I finally finished e's christmas stocking

 photo 25FAED20-18BE-4143-AA6A-5C022B4E8D91-7572-00000BE54C7CC95D_zps3b29aa31.jpg

3. Luke found this coil of wire and has been carrying it around all week. It's his "fiah hose" and he uses it to put out fires. Like in the oven. "Huwwy mama! A fiah! I put out a fiah in dis oven! Whoosh water! Don't eat dat food now mama. Phew. Fiahman save a day!"
good golly, I love little boys.

 photo A1790F42-B968-4331-92A8-3349F71B2B39-7572-00000BE6AAD4ECFF_zps58284835.jpg photo 360B424A-EF6E-4D23-A26A-3213302C6B54-7572-00000BE56E381D10_zpsdfc3a2b3.jpg

4. this girl officially turned four months.

 photo e1cb7ea9-e7af-4f55-8dca-339df76e238f_zps9f03ec6e.jpg

5. Guess who got to go out this week ALONE and go shopping? Did I mention I was ALONE? No carseat passengers? It was amaaaaazing. Thanks Travy. Also starbucks, for making caramel apple spice year round.

 photo 20332649-0B75-481F-B5B1-48460F224D20-8112-00000D0502973C09_zpsed066d17.jpg


  1. Mmm.... caramel apple spice. haha.

  2. Shopping alone! I'd like to say I love it now that I'm a mom, but honestly I've always loved it.


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