five fact friday

1. Luke fell asleep on top of his dresser a few times this week.
I don't know why.

 photo 3D5C67AC-715C-4E83-A6AC-F0B52607487F-12160-000013B9341E8F1B_zps9066afee.jpg photo E125F0B2-120A-4B09-84F5-D0AA723D7811-12160-000013B93AFE6840_zps8fb15f5b.jpg

2. watching luke eat corn on the cob like a real person is hilarious.
I love it.

 photo 6FB1DE52-544E-4EE0-8186-F577930F30BA-8457-00000D50A4D813BC_zpsb9d8e01b.jpg

3. we let both kids swing at the park the other day.
luke loved it.
elsie... well. she didn't complain.

 photo DECD9602-7E04-4FE8-93BC-CDE96F9C7E7D-12160-000013B983B7E15E_zps49f1fca0.jpg

4. I think elsie preferred the stroller.

 photo 8F930E17-7DC2-446C-9CBB-B2E17111F184-12160-000013B948CC5DEA_zps1defd6f7.jpg photo A470EE71-2DCE-4E02-9655-37BCFF845B14-12160-000013B96251C874_zps7da71c50.jpg

5. my hair is falling out...I'm trying not to let it drive me crazy, because I know the worst is yet to come...that regrowth is a jerk.


  1. Hahaha, Luke! That is so funny.

  2. I saw your insta this morning! I can't believe Luke slept on his dresser at night! He must be a still sleeper!

    I have those horrible little hairs growing back in. In fact yesterday I was looking and you can see my wispies from Olivia and then under them the new fuzz hairs from Axel. I don't even want to know what my hair will look like after three or four kids. . .


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