atlanta part three

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saturday was pretty low key. we woke up, downed some breakfast, and headed to another park. we heard there was going to be this fabulous ice cream festival with free samples and hundreds of homemade ice cream....maybe we heard wrong because there were like, three ice cream trucks and they were all chain. whatevs. Luke had fun exploring several different playgrounds and chasing people's dogs. Trav had fun chasing Luke, and I had fun nursing elsie on various park benches. Including a park bench that people totally had had sex on the evening before. I'll let you imagine how I knew that. ick.

 photo 2FC377CF-7E08-4D5B-A9E5-CCD9C91CBCF5-12160-000013B8F66C9E62_zpsd6257f9b.jpg
 also. luke totally didn't share the icee.

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