a day in the life

I'm kicking myself for not doing this earlier. Like a year or two ago. Life changes so much so quickly; I've already forgotten my "routine" with just one child. eesh. so, after many failed attempts, I've finally done it. here's our day. Monday, August 12.

7:40 Els wakes up just as I'm getting out of the shower. I nurse her while I answer a few emails and check insta, then change and dress her. Lots of cuddle time. I throw a load of towels in the wash. Mondays are for towel washing, always.

 photo FB3382ED-1015-4CBE-B8B7-4FCB2729315B-1876-0000032F6390A97E_zps012a5cb3.jpg
 photo 18C080CA-05AB-416A-AB60-D894657CE317-1876-0000032F6E36C7EF_zps0f85ff61.jpg

8:50 Luke's awake. He "holps" me make his eggs. While he eats, I make the beds and vacuum the bedrooms. Load and start the dishwasher. Dress Luke. He watches a show about firetrucks while I write up my grocery list. Mondays are also for grocery shopping. I pause to build him a train track.

 photo 298F882C-1BC5-45EB-A407-CFE8AC9E7ABA-1876-0000032F9A28DB69_zps7eb6908c.jpg
 photo F3169A19-0254-4349-BFB4-C4049C3A4FAF-1876-0000032FA1826598_zpsaafe6cca.jpg
 photo 1E85C5DA-E17A-4AB4-9EEB-773A70771B5E-1876-0000032FA8942A5E_zps95274b71.jpg
 photo E033D122-00B4-452A-88B7-EEBF1150B3FE-1876-0000032FB08A6E05_zps86e9ba6b.jpg
 photo A5EE2950-2E83-426C-8DC4-EC1456B7F882-1876-0000032FB788E9C2_zps0310f13b.jpg

10:20 toss the towels in the dryer, load the kids in the car. We head to publix. No lobsters to watch today, but he gets a free cookie. Elsie naps in the wrap.

 photo 9E22676A-7764-4588-BF41-82107DF37825-1876-0000032FBE56B097_zpsc28211bf.jpg
 photo 8A75342C-76BA-4370-AD9E-496AAB4498CD-1876-0000032FC3F4D2F7_zps673062d8.jpg

11:00 The kids are so good, so we run to target too. We're out of dishwashing soap. And sidewalk chalk.

11:30 home for lunch. Luke eats "cheesy sketti" (mac&cheese, or cheesy spaghetti, duh) and peas. While the noodles cook, we read stories. While he eats, I nurse e to sleep.I put the groceries away.

 photo F29285D3-6BE1-478E-8981-C755C587A5D8-1876-0000032FCCCDFE87_zps92c638ff.jpg
 photo F05EC8F0-79BA-4F2C-AB18-54EA0819E243-1876-0000032FD510E843_zps5aebd393.jpg

12:15 Luke "in bed" for his nap. I make my lunch (tilapia) and clean up the kitchen.

1:00 Luke's finally asleep. I sweep, mop the floors, fold the towels. This is "my" time. Time to read or blog or sew. Today I sew; I'm working on e's christmas stocking. Progress!

 photo F46B0B5F-658D-43FC-BF2B-26D27D4AF06E-1876-0000032FDD0CD285_zps04f09f0c.jpg

4:00 e's up from her nap. 4.5 hours, not bad girlie. While I'm nursing her, I hear dinosaur noises coming from Luke's room. He's up too. We play blocks together. Tummy time for e.

 photo 00D2B69A-0CF7-4E9B-AE61-29D762029E36-1876-0000032FE9603994_zps9451b260.jpg
 photo 30A38E5B-7C28-4D4D-B870-41D1F072F4C0-1876-0000032FF7C3CF49_zpse7cb1072.jpg
 photo 72317753-A82F-4EB7-BEAB-F39AAB69B9E4-1876-000003300AC10A1B_zps008510a0.jpg

4:30 It's been raining all day, so we're inside for the afternoon too. we read our library books, again, and trains, again. and cars.

 photo F42F7F76-7564-45CC-A440-34785642A534-1876-000003300385F6AE_zps712e3ac0.jpg
 photo FFFB0E74-BAAB-4473-A7C2-2EB1ED02220B-1876-0000032FFDD1B8FA_zps51e5aaeb.jpg
 photo 48CA7D4A-8427-4DCC-A679-D8224E177A21-1876-0000033010F080CB_zps942e876f.jpg

5:30 I start dinner, and fold the two loads of clean clothes that I washed and dried on saturday, and never put away (I was sick, so, at least they got washed).

6:00 Travis is a little late tonight, so we start without him.

6:30 baths for both babies. also dad's home! He washes dishes and I wash babies. I get the better end of that deal. more tummy time, and more stories.

 photo 1326DCC2-90C1-446F-BDA0-5B73CE2F1CF2-1876-000003301DC178DF_zpsb41138f2.jpg
 photo E6F989AB-A1A8-497E-9AAD-5C24268E972C-1876-0000033023BB521C_zps143616de.jpg

6:50 e's asleep for the night. I LOVE that she sleeps all night.

 photo 6C749F60-80BC-4E73-8495-FC076DB53A53-1876-000003302ECB19E3_zps1951603b.jpg

7:00 we read stories about jesus and have family time with Luke. Prayers, and bed by 8.

 photo 23661BBD-99A4-4DA8-875F-CD523EE40E84-1876-000003303C01D2E4_zps235334bb.jpg

The rest of the night is grownup time. We talk about life decisions, watch an episode or two of something on netflix (tonight was the office). I'm an early to bed-er (by ten or die!), and Trav usually likes to stay up later. Tonight we're both exhausted (Travis suggests bed by 8:30, and we're in bed before 9... we're practicing to be grandparents). We watch some funny youtube videos and I cover my eyes with a pillow while Trav does some researching on the internets. sometimes he keeps watching those youtube videos and I fall asleep on a bed shaking from his laughter.

it's a pretty good life.


  1. Okay, so I hope this is a new thing you're doing because I love it! I might just have to use it as inspiration after Greyson comes --to keep our families feeling included.

  2. You are amazing! I'm seriously impressed with all that you get done. Also, you inspired me to write my own "Day in the Life" (You and Meredith and Preethi and others). I wrote it, but need to put in the pictures!


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