three months

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it's been three month since I birthed this beautiful baby
some things I want to remember:

I love her wispy dark hair that curls just slightly on the top. It's getting lighter.
I love the way she still keeps her little hands in tight fists
I love her chunky thighs and the way she kicks her legs
I love her soft little feet and her long, tiny toes
I love her long dark eyelashes that curl over her pretty blue eyes
I love to kiss her chubby soft cheeks and her neck is just perfect for munching
I love her happy morning smiles
I love how she smells after a fresh bath
I love the way she still curls into my chest

She's so beautiful, and so perfect, and we can't imagine life without her.

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a few utilitarian notes I need to keep track of:

I kept waiting and waiting for the colic to hit after a few weeks, and it hasn't.
I remember as the evening hours would approach, Travis and I would fly into "prevention mode" with Luke. We'd shower, massage, swaddle, nurse and rock trying to ease the crying before it amplified.
Elsie? Never a peep. she NEVER fusses. Ever. Not even in the evenings. It's weird. She softly cries when she is hungry, or wants to be changed. If we keep her in the carseat for more than 20 minutes, she usually will cry then too, but she has been getting better. She is just content to sit and watch brother play.

She started sleeping through the night at about 7 weeks (before that she would sleep six then five hour stretches). she falls asleep between 7 and 9 each evening, and wakes between 6:30-7:30.
she naps for a couple hours 1-2 hours after waking, plays, and eats lunch at the same time as Luke. Then they both nap at the same time for at least three hours. It's bliss. She takes her third evening nap just around dinner time.
She loves her brother- she loves to watch him play. She lights up when he talks to her. I love watching them together. 

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  1. She sounds like Olivia! You're lucky to have an easy one second :) Some of my family members never heard her cry.

    I find that I'm the most "baby hungry" when my own babies are still little. I want all the babies! So yeah, I really want to snuggle baby E. She looks so beautiful in these pictures.


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