that time we built a kitchen table

farmhouse kitchen table

While my in-laws were here, they helped me build a new kitchen table from scratch. It's gorgeous and I love it. It took three days of blood, (lots of) sweat, and swear words to do, and it's so worth it. I just like to walk in my kitchen and stare at it. 

farmhouse kitchen tablefarmhouse kitchen table
farmhouse kitchen table

Luke was a great little helper, although we mostly worked during his naptimes.
he just picked up that sander and put himself to work. 

farmhouse kitchen tablefarmhouse kitchen table

Have I mentioned that I love it??
Because I loooooove it.

farmhouse kitchen table


  1. Oh man, we should go into business together. You makin' wood furniture and me doing upholstery. Just kidding, I swore off upholstery after my mom's last chair. But that table is so pretty!! What chairs are you going to use with it?


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