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 photo 117DFAB5-574F-4FB5-8463-0C3632388E04-32035-000034070C3C9721_zpsa726418d.jpg photo 30882FA4-7FF8-465F-B51C-4A3B75C6A633-32035-00003406FD16AA56_zps800f3da1.jpg

We made out splash pad goal last month, hurrah! We found the nicest little one with plenty of grass to run in, fire trucks (!) near by, a playground, AND a Rita's. Yum. Luke had a blast playing with his Papa- as long as he could keep his face shielded from the water. I love watching Luke play. Except he kept trying to play with this other boy, and that boy wanted nothing to do with him, so he kept running away. Luke just thought they were playing chase, but it made me sad. Growing up is hard, but it might be even harder to watch your kids grow up, ya know?

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