five fact friday

1. I got my hairs cut! the heavens aligned, Travis had Saturday off, Elsie was napping... It was great. Remind me to do it again in a few months. Two years is too long to go without a trim.

 photo DFBC002B-2B4C-4BC0-B02C-B59552A82EA3-6216-000009B105270CE0_zps244c57eb.jpg

2. Luke was SO glad to have his daddy home this weekend. He woke up and peeped out his window and reported, "Mama! My da'ee car is here!" He crawled into bed with Travis (who had worked until 2:30 am and was still half asleep) and just stared at Trav with the biggest grin on his face . Travis asked him if he was going to keep staring and he said "uh huh! yep!" We went to a splash pad as a family and Luke spent the rest of the weekend being daddy's little shadow.

 photo FF107415-9431-4AE3-A4C2-AB4769D31B72-6216-000009AA82C8C0F6_zps776895e0.jpg
^^^I just die^^^

3. Luke has been pretty enthusiastic about what he calls "scotch-scotch". 
Jumping? Outside? Totally his cup of tea.
Clothing not required. 
(it's his summer uniform, remember?
take a moment to click that link and sigh with me over how tiny he was the last two summers!)

 photo B3F40046-3D47-41DD-A2BD-585ABA5EE442-6216-000009B19BFFE66C_zps18536e54.jpg photo CC8C61F4-5664-4AF4-B43C-91AD702874C9-6216-000009B1A48879A6_zps54d7ab66.jpg

4. THIS.
it's like she turned three months and all of a sudden has to say ALL OF THE THINGS.
It's adorable. She spent about ten minutes cooing to her dolly.

 photo 39B37B96-99CA-4FA7-9271-63E1571DC965-6216-000009B467908BDF_zpsecb01f8c.jpg

5. Luke woke up one night this week about 5 times, exclaiming, "oh, the bee! The bee bite my hand/belly but! The bee, bzzzzzzzzz it bite, where go bee? bee, where arrrre you??"

I wasn't sure if something really bit him (he acted out of it, and didn't seem to be hurt anywhere/wasn't crying in pain), or if he dreamed it. I tore his bed apart and searched with him; Travis looked and we couldn't find anything. He woke up talking about the bee.

I'm gonna chalk it up to his first dream that he can verbalize, but it sure gave me nightmares about having my baby bitten by a brown recluse or something. Sure gave me the heebie jeebies.

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