five fact friday

1. Day 25 of Travis working late hours and the natives are getting restless.
 Luckily our double stroller came this week, so that has added some nice distraction for the mornings we don't have playgroup.
(p.s. Paige! Doesn't she look like harper here?)
 photo EC79F3DD-3030-48EB-99BF-3DF77F7CCC9C-2998-000004354764DCFF_zps70e20d55.jpg photo FC6ED961-376E-42DA-A398-E6B7F54E8D22-2998-000004355F35F78A_zps75e0c39f.jpg

2. THIS happened this week. It was amaaaazing.

 photo E1CF1310-5733-4729-9706-61FAB63BFA9D-2998-00000435373D8407_zpse91e8713.jpg

3. THIS also happened. I love when Luke sneaks into Elsie's room in the morning. As soon as he hears her, he gasps, "My gorl!" and climbs in her crib. This particular morning, I walked in and heard him cooing to her, "A morning swee'har. Seep good? Nice dweams? Hey! Hey! HEY MAMA, get owt! We seeping in a-here!"

 photo goodmorning_zpsa5b10b15.jpg

4.  I (finally) finished my christmas stocking. I started it last October, but got too morning sick to work on it. Now I've got to get to work on Elsie's. I've only 5 months to finish that...

 photo 362C2C24-26C6-4E05-8AD1-4D9730701D06-2998-0000043A9003ADC5_zps9ca3d8b4.jpg

5.  Otter pops have become my new best friend, since ice cream and I are on the outs. 
It's almost as good. Almost.


  1. Siblings! It's like I loved Olivia a LOT and then I learned to love Axel a lot too. But when I see them interact? Them loving each other is the strongest best emotion and there are no words.

  2. I love that Luke tried to kick you out. hahaha.

  3. Did you come up with the stocking design yourself or is it a kit? If it's a kit, where did you get it?


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