five fact friday

1.Funny story of the week:
 Luke was having fun playing with his stroller on our driveway. It's pretty steep, so he was really wearing himself out pushing it up to the very top, and watching it fly back down the driveway. We were in the garage building our new kitchen table, and we see the stroller woosh by. Suddenly I hear a "holp! holp!" I found Luke, in the bushes at the bottom of the driveway. I ran to him and he said, "Holp! I did a fall! I skuck!". We all had tears in our eyes we were laughing so hard (once we knew he was okay, of course). I don't think he'll be trying to take another ride anytime soon.
 photo 01E9698F-18AD-460C-97E2-A2DE57680DA5-32035-000034078FD68604_zps9a6c7f3d.jpg

2.Guys. It's firefly season, and it's my favorite. I caught a bunch for Luke in a jar.
 After we put him in his bed, he kept peeping through the blinds of his window to see the "flies".
 photo C1EA03DE-D93E-40EF-A911-A44FE8CDE839-32035-0000340786B0C4B8_zps28351ca6.jpg

3. Our air conditioner broke this week. Like exploded internally/has to be completely replaced kind of broke.
We live in Georgia. It's super hot guys.
 photo 9E2C7AAA-FDC9-4815-98E6-0B22C09AB514-32035-00003406947C464D_zps632f5ad8.jpg

4. The worst part is, I can't even cool down with some ice cream because I'm now dairy-free.
While this is a super bummer (no birthday ice cream or cheeseburgers!), we're glad to have found the source of our little Rosebud's vomiting (it was bad you guys. REAL bad).
 photo 7f075a0e-abba-428b-b267-c358fdb5dfe2_zps76fd7da1.jpg

5. And hey! Today's my birthday!


  1. Bahahaha! I laughed so hard at the Luke stroller story. Glad he's okay, and I love the thought process that must have taken place!

    I'm dairy free too! It's helped Axel's gas a LOT. But I find I can have a little cheese on my pasta and it doesn't seem to bother him. Two things I love instead: Frozen Strawberry Lemonade (I wrote the recipe on my blog here: http://probablycrazykimberly.blogspot.com/2012/08/strawberry-lemonade-slush.html) and frozen bananas blended with almond milk.

    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! (Summer birthdays are the best, right?!?!?)

  2. Hey! That totally stinks with the milk allergy. Phil's niece and nephew are deathly allergic. We make banana ice cream too, and I hate bananas and can eat it. I throw the sliced bananas in the blender or food processor with pb, sometime chocolate sauce/powder and some sort of fake dairy product, coconut milk. We also just got a yonanas for Christmas.


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