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 photo 8b18acbe-7fdd-408a-b49d-8019144ab867_zps7874e4e9.jpg

I was brave.

I took both my babies to the pool a few weeks ago. BY MYSELF.
No husband. No friend. Just me.
If I had known how easy it would be, I would have done it sooner.
Our pool is gated and requires a key, so it feels a little safer.
We were the only ones there for about two hours, so I didn't need to worry about someone snatching Elsie. She was content to sit in her carseat in the shade for most of the time (she fell asleep), although I did bring her in twice (her first time to the pool! what a big lady-girl). This let me focus on keeping Luke from jumping in the water on his own. Little daredevil.


  1. Oh my goodness, did you write this post just for me??? :) I keep asking Adam if he thinks I could take both kids to the pool and he said yes, but I wasn't so sure. . . Now I feel like I can do it. Axel got a lot of swim time in California and he loved it! Olivia could live in the water so it would be a great activity to wear her out. Thanks for convincing me!

  2. Seriously...you have the two cutest kids. I'm dying over Elsie's cute little suit!


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