atlanta part 1

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we took off last weekend on a little family trip. Trav had friday off (hallelujah) so we headed down to atlanta. we spent the morning at the centennial olympic park and let luke play in the fountains there (shaped like the olympic rings). Then they had a little fountain water show set to music, so we cleared out of the fountains to watch it (also. that picture of luke in the splash pad? one of these things is not like the other...). And lunch! oh, lunch was good. we lunched at googies, and they had fried pickles! the fried pickles and spicy ranch sauce of my pregnancy cravings. yum. and the best burgers we've had in awhile, so, yeah, it was good.
after lunch we headed back to our hotel for naps. naps for all! that is the way to vacation my friends. We all woke up around dinner time, so we grabbed a bite to eat and then headed to the atlanta aquarium (they have discount passes after 6, which was just perfect for us). aquarium post to come, I know you're on the edge of your seat...


  1. The splash pad looks like so much fun! Little E is growing up, such a sweetheart.

    Fried pickles? Be still my HEART. I might need them for dinner tonight. The burger place close to us has them, but they were really salty last time. I almost don't care. I think I need to go take a pregnancy test now. . .

    (I didn't mean to talk this much about the pickles)

  2. That last picture of Luke is amazing. Beautiful boy. Beautiful picture. I had to go back through your posts because it looks like I missed a bunch. (Atlanta Part THREE tipped me off. haha) I should come visit you in Atlanta. Patrick started school today so I'm a single mom for the next year. Boo-hoo.


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