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 photo 99A62615-116B-4212-8835-C351991A3210-38488-00003C3BA033D3E1_zps42658e8d.jpg
 photo 822F1722-BF6A-4C0A-B086-333ACB3BCFAC-38488-00003C3B3297B3E4_zpsf38f5b4f.jpg
 photo 56123add-2312-427b-ac17-523372e08042_zps36896fe0.jpg
 photo FFCE1B56-FD98-48AE-B2FE-9B6FA17A2F0B-38488-00003C3E889C5CED_zpse909fe34.jpg
 photo 55BDF574-BC3C-4628-85AC-3712DAAA2F60-38488-00003C3AF7280E53_zpsefb0aeac.jpg
 photo 8ad98304-f5bb-44d6-9cba-cd9e79df591f_zpsd4f3f9a5.jpg


  1. I was hoping for a picture of a new hair cut :) And I need more information about Luke's paint project. That looks like fun!


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