a belated post about the fourth

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we kept our fourth and birthday celebrations pretty simple over here. Travis had to work (it was quarter-close, and his office is understaffed, so he has been working late for, oh, since we got here. boo.), so I took the kids and went to my cousin's. He and his partner had a little BBQ, and my aunt and uncle were there too. In the evening, we set off our own little fireworks show in our driveway (super classy). Plus, what's a southern fourth of july without a boberry biscuit from Bojangles? And Travy came home with a yummy cake and presents for my birthday dinner. I had a great little helper who had to help me blow out my candles. He's a litttttle obsessed with "fi-ah" with all these birthday candles and fireworks and sparklers. 

 photo A31C7852-DCA9-4748-A6E7-27AE9F17D0B4-38488-00003C3F35C74C53_zpsdd02f165.jpg photo 9CB75C73-BF0E-4BB2-BB2F-6843481E16BB-38488-00003C3F569B037A_zps6bddcfa0.jpg
 photo 71BE67C4-7A3F-44CC-A0ED-F78D18BFC48C-38488-00003C3EE16E8EAF_zps39e94be9.jpg photo 1E261D33-745E-4BB9-BDE4-D0C6C5BE3B03-38488-00003C3F19CF863B_zps163972cf.jpg
 photo C6AED387-25F5-4AA7-ADED-E44EF27811B0-38488-00003C3DF3560A27_zps799f3fbc.jpg photo DA95DB5E-ED3C-4AB8-8CC6-A190EA6E718B-38488-00003C3DE0BF9763_zpsb9e59a5c.jpg

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