we're here

and finally have internet. 

it's been a whirlwind few weeks. I feel like we haven't quite caught our breath yet, but hopefully we can find our groove by the end of the month.

 photo C6F3B5AD-E507-4AFA-AE73-372D7CC80628-16280-00001CE43D0B027F_zps464e6131.jpg
The kids were angels on the flight. Seriously. We got so lucky. Flying with kids doesn't make me nervous, but Luke was much older than Elsie on his first flight, so I didn't really know what to expect with her. We definitely got some nervous looks from the other passengers as they eyed our tiny baby.

Since the plane was tiny, we got to walk out onto the tarmac and board the plane that way... which totally made Luke's day. My favorite part was when he looked out the window at the clouds and exclaimed "oooh! a saur a saur!". (because in one of his favorite books, David goes to School, David sees dinosaurs in the clouds.)
 photo 8BBEF6D9-74B1-4FC5-954A-536450B70712-16280-00001CE432402A99_zps8aaf0c06.jpg

Then we spent a miserable few days scrubbing our new house from top to bottom (seriously surprised the oven didn't catch on fire it was so nasty), and spent 4 days without hot water (ew),  6 days without our stuff, and 10 days without internet.  SO glad that's over. :)
(And thank goodness for backyard kiddie pools and ipads)
(also: hot baths never felt so good)
 photo 11877596-972A-445F-9542-4089FE777EB7-16280-00001CE4459035E1_zpsa597cb3b.jpg


  1. So my first reaction was to freak out about not having hot water. But pioneers did way harder things than I do and I tend to lean toward the dramatic. Still, that must have been rough with a new baby.

    I'm so jealous of your back yard. Olivia could entertain herself for hours if we had a little patio space.

    Glad life is returning to normal, (allow me to be dramatic) because I can't imagine what you have gone through! I would be crying all the time. You are super woman. :)

  2. The picture of Luke in the tub...I see Jakob in that face! Same shape, hair and dark eyes. <3


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