the anatomy of a nursing mother's nightstand

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Throw in a swaddling blanket and some diapers, and you've got yourself a pretty good nighttime setup.

I wish someone had prepared me for the nighttime necessities, so I thought some new mama might benefit from my little list.

blessedly, elsie sleeps through the night most nights (definitely keeping this child), and when she does wake, it's just once around 3 or 4. We did have a handful of nights in the beginning where she was up every 2 or three hours and required some prolonged rocking (never more than 40 minutes though. seriously, bless this child). Honestly, I was expecting nights to be much worse based on my experience with her brother. He wasn't awful (I can say that now...but I remember feeling like it was the worst when i had to be up at 6 to teach.) but sometimes liked to party at 1 am. So, I prepared this nightstand setup based on what I found useful when Luke was a baby. I used every bit of it for him...nail clippers for hangnails, eyedrops for dry eyes, chapstick for dry lips. Plenty of burp cloths, diapers nearby, and hand sanitizer (maybe that's gross, but I'm not heading to the bathroom to wash my hands after the billionth diaper change in the middle of the night...).

I used about half these things for Els. She doesn't need  midnight diaper changes (is this a girl thing?), and I was never up long enough to go hunting for hangnails. But the water? Heck yes, I chugged that each time I woke.

Also yes. That lamp isn't cute. But I love that the neck is bendy so I can have as much light as I need (diaper changes), or turn it away from us for a just a soft glow (rocking to sleep). It's all about function.


  1. I like that lamp! I love lamps that have bendy necks. I guess spray painting is always an option!

  2. I replaced the bulb in my lamp with a 15 watter, which in the dark is plenty of light. But a bendy neck would have been great too. And a digital clock! At least when they're very little, I needed to time my feedings. Not anymore.

    Olivia slept from 8-4 when she was 6 weeks old. And then through the night at 3 months. Not quite as soon as E, but so much better than Axel. Boys! Or Breastfeeding! I don't know who/what to blame :)

  3. My nightstand is almost exactly the same, minus the fresh flowers and organization ;) I can't believe your little one sleeps through the night already! You are one lucky lady! The past week or so Grayson has been sleeping from about 10 until about 2 or 3, and then up every two hours after that. But OMG that is such an improvement from every two hours allllll night long.


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