five fact friday

1. "HOLP! I SKUCK!" has become an oft-used phrase around here. Seriously kid. If ya can't get down, quit climbing up. And don't touch the tv.
 photo IMG_8574_zps8a5980c7.jpg

2. We had a pretty good father's day. We sure love our dad around these parts, and it was fun to spoil him with lots of yummy foods. I love watching Travis interact with our children. They love being around him (I do too).
 photo DC5F14D6-224C-4F4F-B5A5-D04CEDD61509-23530-0000283DFB930723_zps634a035c.jpg

3. I sketched out a few little drawings for Elsie's room this week. I hung them up on a little gallery wall; it's nice to have something to look at while I nurse her.
 photo E950EF9F-8B93-4ADC-BA60-0FAB9D6A9D3B-23530-0000283DD9D5A0CA_zps739ca6cc.jpg

4. Luke has been pretty entertaining- if frustrating- at night.
 I love peeking in on his different sleeping positions.
 photo F3DF4BED-F295-4168-9E62-A91802C9C2B7-23530-0000283F0918F452_zpsc13c766f.jpg photo 61E0A25A-9720-409F-A235-A2519F31751D-23530-0000283DC7867380_zpsf5b9aa75.jpg

5. Any suggestions for a couch? This is the current Great Frakes Debate and it's driving me mad. We want to buy one with the intent of putting it in the basement when we buy a house, so comfort is key, but I still want it to look nice (read: mid-century modern). I'm probably being too particular.

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  1. Love that drawing! Actually, I loved every single one of these facts today. "HOLP!" hahaha.


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