five fact friday

1. This girl is SO SMILEY in the morning. It's hilarious. All you have to do is look at her and she breaks out in the biggest grins. Of course, she still smiles at her daddy the most.
She thinks the sun rises and sets on him.

 photo 34855ED0-5BB2-4170-91BC-6ECDD8B4700B-16280-00001CE3D4BDE07B_zps25746062.jpg photo A642DFF2-312E-41A3-A441-DF6F9142ED19-16280-00001CE3DBBD44E7_zps3439735a.jpg

2. Also this belly. We're getting some chubs and rolls around here and they're so delicious.
(and did I mention she slept through the night? loooove)

 photo 0CB4D8BD-C438-4A3A-936D-8700AA7BADF4-16280-00001CE3A11E283C_zps6e291a9d.jpg

3. I laugh every time I go out here- basically everyone we meet around town says something about our one boy and one girl so "you have your family now / must be done with kids".
But one of each is pretty great.

 photo ED7C3FD3-2BAA-468B-9CAA-68C7A844F5D6-16280-00001CE38B5533C9_zps8a9aa9aa.jpg

4. This boy is the best big brother. I just can't get over it.
I probably post about it too much (can't stop/won't stop), but man. It melts my heart. Usually when he watches his favorite show (the gruffalo), he has to come stand by one of us/touch us during the "scary" part. But lately he has been insisting on holding his "sweet gorl". He pats her head and tummy (a little too) vigorously and says comforting things. "It's okay sweet gorl. Hey, hey, hey, hey hey, it's okay. You okay? I here sweet gorl".

 photo BE3A9298-7F12-43D3-B3BE-03B4DC623852-16280-00001CE3B0695B44_zps240900c9.jpg

5. I feel pretty on top of things. After 4 big moves in the last two years, I think we've got this down to a science. Almost. At any rate, I found a pediatrician and little lady jane will be kept right on schedule. (which is more than I can say for her brother during our first two moves).

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  1. So, does E still sleep through the night? Or was it a one time thing? Axel has gone from two feedings to THREE again at night. I just. . . I'm so over it.

    It's so cute how Luke wants to protect Elsie! Such a brother thing to do! Olivia does all the sisterly things. If I turn away for a second she'll change his diaper. She also has to help me burp him. So funny.


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