and we said goodbye to arthur street

I'm so glad things are finally settling down.
I had lists for daysss making sure we got everything done and packed in our suitcases.

 photo A2BF16D6-27A1-490A-A5CA-DC9F1504A8F8-9901-000011A254EE440E_zpsaad0e2a8.jpg photo BA4FCE8C-0831-479C-973C-C0B21FB45B6A-9901-000011A235771898_zps4cec4ca2.jpg

and can we talk about how awesome / super awkward it is to have other people pack my boxes? 
It felt weird to sit on the couch and just watch them work. 
but also great because I sure didn't want to do it!
 photo 2AC94D0C-3088-40BE-8BBD-EDC91353E943-9901-000011A226545727_zps5c9eab48.jpg

We said goodbye to all our good friends. It made me really sad to see Luke say goodbye to his best buddy, Pete.
He didn't realize it was for the last time.
The second we walked into our new house, he called, "heyyyy Pete! Where arrre youuuu Pete?"
and he did the same thing our first week at church. It broke my heart!
 photo 7DB04E82-DA58-42CF-986D-23440818ABB8-9901-000011A208420E07_zps5f73b468.jpg

 photo 51944A6E-2297-4401-A7E0-5921BCC63320-10279-0000126B9165CF20_zps323af82f.jpg
we'll miss our little lakeside home; its been good to us. 
and do you remember how little Lucas Jay was when we moved in?

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  1. First, I love Elsie's outfit in the suitcase!
    Second, I've always wondered about having someone else pack for you. . . How do they know how to organize stuff? Do they just pack each drawer into it's own box? I agree that would feel weird, but AWESOME! I hate packing, but thank goodness Adam is really good at it. I don't mind unpacking though. Looks like I'll get to do it all again in four months, just don't know where we're going yet!


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