summa time

...and the livin' is easy
  photo 26F003B9-34D1-4EDF-9967-59EA8164715B-1510-000003A8DC31AFF4_zpsc32b7ac0.jpg photo 79F91244-2FA5-4A07-A5AA-A27ACE0F1F94-1510-000003A8A6EFA402_zps2e3c0b9f.jpg
 photo 0D92B42D-DE60-4A71-ABB9-2F3AE21BF673-798-0000015CAECAC568_zpsb76c5292.jpg
 photo 1BF0D5BA-79A8-4D94-B41F-8ADC2EBEBFE0-1510-000003A87D315D20_zpsdb3cb78f.jpg photo 07FE323E-CEC2-4F33-A5B7-95978500EA25-1510-000003A86F6EB02D_zps6e74f8a0.jpg
 photo 96438E0E-D6D2-4A41-A973-AA5CE07B916B-23954-00002AA6405BAD6C_zpsc85d1383.jpg
 photo F8F6D58B-9CE3-4B48-BF99-D58638BFE9CB-798-0000015D8F656649_zpscac9a9cb.jpg photo 18015AF9-7AF7-45D9-8458-F30DAE2584F4-1510-000003A8E300D202_zpsb43ec498.jpg
 photo 15F15F9D-D460-4555-9FE3-A24C654CF288-24172-00002ABEC2BD9FF1_zpse1d98313.jpg photo D28F79D6-4994-4325-AD99-C40FA5B364E0-24172-00002ABED1577130_zps0fdca342.jpg
 photo 253C865D-7CA1-4D82-B0A0-12AC8F5CF963-3058-0000063AA79AD61D_zpsd5972d17.jpg

I love watching this boy run and play outsides.
I can barely keep up, but seeing him explore and poke things and play in the dirt just makes my heart melt.
He thinks he is Lewis & Clark rolled into one.

today is the day the movers come, and soon he'll have a whole new state to discover and conquer.

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  1. That's my favorite Sublime song!!! Great photos and I love Luke's little outfit!! Such cute kids! Come visit so our nuggets can be buddies... and plus you can go to Disneyland!! ahhaha


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