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some of my favorite moments are first thing in the morning when we all wake up. 
Trav is getting ready for work, Luke watches a quick show on the iPad, Elsie nurses, and I marvel at my little family. Luke snuggled up to Elsie let her snuggle up to him, and she wrapped her little arm around his. She turned her head towards him, and together they watched some Dinosaur Train...until Elsie's hand accidentally brushed the iPad, and Luke scooted far away from her.

I love watching these two together. Sometimes Luke super loves his "Elsie-gorl", and other times, I think he merely tolerates her.
He looks for her first thing in the morning. "Elsie! Where arrrrre you, Elsie-gorl? Oh HIIIIII ELSIE! sleep good?" He puts on "shows" for her. "Heeeey Elsie! Watch me! Watch, watch, watch!", he yells as he runs in circles and jumps off the furniture. And oh, she watches. She follows his voice around the room as best she can. She adores him.

Sometimes her cries concern Luke. "What's wrong gorl? You sad? Ooh, a hug. Better?"
Other times they disgust him. "Shh. Shhhh. SHHHH!"

He tries to protect her. When strange people come over to hold her, he eyes them suspiciously. When he figures they've held his "gorl" for long enough, he points vigorously to her cradle and demands, "Put her DOW!"

I have a feeling he is going to be a very bossy but very wonderful older brother.


  1. I love bringing all my kids into bed! Adam leaves before we wake up, so Saturdays and Sundays are special treats for Olivia when we all snuggle and play in the "tent" (that means going under the covers!) Having two kids makes it feel more like a family, but its still really hard!

    1. PS I love the way Luke says "girl"!

  2. Oh, this is the cutest. Those pictures just kill me!!

  3. I still can't get over how beautiful Elsie is!


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