going home

Elsie's birth story is coming, but I just need to say, I loved, loved, loved our hospital. I loved the one I delivered Luke at...and this one was even better. Totally worth the extra hour drive. They had an actual resturaunt downstairs, and I could order whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, as much as I wanted. And you better believe I took advantage of that. Cheeseburgers at midnight? Holla! (I emailed my brother about this, and he was just like, yep. I see you're still my same old sister- all you care about is the food! he knows me well).

Maybe it was just a product of being out of Utah, the land of a million babies, but it felt like we got extra special treatment here. Lots of gifts for me+baby+luke. Also a delicious celebratory meal for me&Trav (filet mignon, shrimp, sparkling cider, and even Elsie's first birthday cake for dessert. Yum).

 photo 14498fe8-a07f-4562-bfec-79d1d25369ee_zps30271bcd.jpg

and going home was pretty entertaining too. Travis always gets nervous the first time he drives our new babies home. This time we had to drive an hour, instead of 15 minutes, and it might have taken even longer because he drove e x a c t l y the speed limit the whole way. And avoided other cars. Little elsie didn't even care- she didn't make a peep all the way home. 

 photo 617205DE-E640-44E4-842E-2F8E82923864-612-000000F2C0B17656_zps34ada50f.jpg photo 714584F7-6F3D-48E6-9E4F-0416150E0C6B-612-000000F2AB4BA13C_zpsc4aa6047.jpg


  1. Eep! She's so tiny and perfect!

    I delivered Ez at Parkview North in Fort Wayne and it was so great. They even gave us a free Vera Bradley diaper bag! I don't want to have a baby anywhere else but I know I will. :)

    And why are you all moving to Georgia?! I must have missed something. I've heard it's gorgeous down there.

  2. You and Elsie look darling! I had a great first hospital and even better second hospital, just like you! At Jordan Valley I could call for food any time I needed it. Hello chocolate chip cookies! I also had a ceasar salad with every meal. Mmmmmmmm. . .

    Was your mom there to watch Luke while you were in the hospital? That's one thing I think I would do over, because I would have liked Adam there to hang out with me more instead of having to be with Olivia most of the time.

  3. Pretty sure I'm driving to your neck of the woods to deliver all of my future babies.

    I'm only 3 percent joking. That hospital food and staff sounds too good to be true. :)


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