five fact friday

1. I've added an "e" to my necklace and having two charms around my neck for my two kids kind of thrills me

 photo 02480616-0AA4-4816-8F5F-8D6AAE72BA60-25544-00002CE5518EB41D_zps4dd07db3.jpg

2. My training wheels officially came off this week. Trav left for training/house hunting in GA Wednesday and I've been on my own with these two kiddos. (So far nobody's died. Also I showered with BOTH kids at the SAME time. Impressed? I was)

 photo 895F946A-0028-412B-B8BE-90AF449A65DE-29735-00003321D3114224_zpsed3b06ad.jpg

3. We've gone on looooooots of walks and park trips to wear Luke out. We found lots of sticks and rocks to add to his "treasure collection" in the basket of the stroller.

 photo 6D6FE72A-8C21-4681-9FB0-A511C546115F-1510-000003A8983928EC_zps6de65f44.jpg photo 51DB497D-7036-44EF-A71C-9D6206E8A1AD-1510-000003A891AE152F_zpsef2a12e6.jpg

4. We even found a frog and a turtle. We let those go.

 photo 48E60948-FE90-4ED7-94CE-25C6DE9D6C13-798-0000015C80DC3AF6_zpse1e45343.jpg

5. Els got the sweetest little gift from my blog friend Kimberly. Blog friends are the best.

 photo 6C54AB1F-768D-47AE-8DF8-949DC8FD1F60-798-0000015C9BE43253_zpsd8d55c3a.jpg photo 2D210DA8-53B7-47CF-8201-58E36E008E59-798-0000015CA311E64B_zpsaee11893.jpg


  1. I am impressed with your shower skills!! I used to shower with Olivia every day but getting her diapered while I was naked was not my favorite thing!

    Do you know how scared I was to write in that book with a sharpie?? Very. I just knew I would spell a word wrong and then what? I'm glad you like it!

  2. I hope you don't mind, I used your picture of the charms when I described your blog in my most recent blog challenge post (top 3 blogs I follow + why). I just wanted to let you know!

    ♥ lovebuildsthishappyhome.blogspot.com


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