five fact friday

1. Trav's been gone this week, and little Elsie has made herself mighty comfortable on his side of the bed. 
 photo 895F946A-0028-412B-B8BE-90AF449A65DE-29735-00003321D3114224_zpsed3b06ad.jpg

2. Things I've learned about our elsie-gorl this week:
she doesn't love being swaddled when she has a tummy ache (read: screaming until you release her)
she prefers snoozing on her tummy. (I know. I know)
 photo 5D866178-42E8-423C-90FC-0EFC37A7A1AB-29179-00003228F5A980F0_zpsdd4d7dcb.jpg

3. Things I've learned about our Lukie Jay this week:
he's much too fast for me
he loves to give elsie ALL the kisses
he might just smoosh his sister with his hugs if I don't watch carefully
 photo 7E793A8C-0C5E-44E4-9B3A-8D0EACBE5238-29179-000032292601E665_zpsb4dee1e2.jpg

4. Like really might smoosh her.
 photo 87BFEABE-0464-43E5-A5DA-EFA2EC0645EE-29179-00003229458266B2_zps8a680e0d.jpg

5. Thankfully, my dad's been here this week to lend me a hand so I didn't have to jump right into solo parenting two (thanks dad!). Luke has looooved it; he is taking full advantage of this grandpa time. The other day I was putting him in the car (the two of us were running an errand), and he says "Oh, i cweam with pop pop? okay, yeahhh. I go i cweam with pop pop." I laughed because it wasn't even 10:30 am yet. So of course, after dinner, he went and got i cweam with his pop pop. He waited so patiently all day long and when he got it (after sweetly thanking my dad), began singing "i cweam with pop pop, i cream with pop pop, good day, i cweam with pop pop" while he ate his ice cream.

I love hearing what's going on in his brain- even if it's ice cream at 10 am.
(can't say I haven't been there myself...)

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  1. You know what? Axel slept on his tummy until he was strong enough to lift his head and then he couldn't settle down because he was too busy lifting his head. But he slept in bed with me at night and on the couch in plain sight during the day, so I never worried about him. You gotta help your baby find the most comfortable position for them. It is what it is.


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