five fact friday

1. Elsie girl lost her umbilical cord this week.
And I lost control of my emotions. Cue the tears, she's growing bigger.
 photo 59ECC695-B5B4-4BE3-A05D-0A8B0D1C1189-22318-000027C971B3825D_zpsac912353.jpg

2. She made up for it with 20 minutes of straight sleepy milk-drunk smiles in the middle of the night.
I may or may not have stayed up longer just to watch them.
(spoiler: I definitely did)
 photo 8BF23C42-7ADD-4835-A47A-0D94A95F2D4A-22318-000027C961927913_zps783a86db.jpg

3. this weather has been beautiful. After a long and cold and very pregnant winter, it feels amazing to be outside and feel the sunshine. And I can (almost) keep up with Luke again. I think I need another few weeks. 
 photo AA64D03F-52C7-4060-B8A5-1CD5415D7AF4-23954-00002AA60BA600D0_zps5f9b5930.jpg

4. I don't think I will ever, ever get tired of watching these two together. The mornings are their special bonding time. Luke gave Elsie kisses for the first time this week, and has been so sweet with her- patting her bum and tummy when she cries and offering her hugs. It makes my heart melt. 

 photo C027ADDD-7F8A-4E12-8296-E9C7739D6EF1-26345-00002E2770518A3A_zpsd4cf73ff.jpg

5. the rest of my family is coming out this weekend to meet elsie.
quick trip, but I'm excited to see everyone!


  1. Emotions! I only get baby blues for like two weeks, but those are the WORST two weeks of my life!

  2. You're making me want a baby again! Luke is just so sweet and adorable with her! :]

  3. OH sleepy baby smiles are just the best, and they do go by too fast. My 2nd is 7 months now and it's part exciting and part absolutely devastating!


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